Red Black & Blues: A Monster Translation of a Text by Donald Trump

Had been wary for years of going to colour. One morning tho, who knows why, it was time. The Sharpies at hand chose my palette. I had some fistfuls of black, dull to varying degrees, a red that’d seen use for goddess blood-fury, & one blue untouched.

It was fall, 2018, in America, where you could not see red, & blue, and not see

screen shot 2019-01-05 at 5.19.23 pm

which looks like a grievous loss, but truly it’s the rebuke Team Blue called for.


I began an asemic political poem. And if that sounds oxymoron, consider, asemy lives on a threshold where signal breaks to noise; or, other way round, where the mind’s urgency to discern meaning in nonsense peaks. Our public discourse feels like that too, yes, no?

My first efforts were a play on words that’d come to me: “Iamother.” I had been sitting (inside me) with the children our proto-fascist paramilitary border forces were taking from their parents; and the inner severings they’re going to suffer. Wanting to face the one responsible more squarely, I moved on to a tweet of his, a text I could critique, mock, savage, by unravelling it

Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 8.08.41 PM

His moral vacuity & mental collapse will be the stuff of epic comedy in generations to come, if they do.

This was work I could put my anger & horror into. Also compassion I didn’t know of. When I try to summon any for DT consciously I fail. But I took vows, so I said I’d try, & keep trying. And what do you know, when I slowed it down to one word at a time – I took him at his word. When he says please, someone in him really means “please”

Page 1

When he says “understand,” something in there asks, flailingly, to be understood

Page 2

I’m not doing good people on both sides here. I only mean, or at least sense, what’s shit-stained now wasn’t always. He had a face before anyone was born.

The images are made by scribbling real fast on notebook paper

& shivering the page as the scanner scans. I’ve described the method here.

The title is full (too?) of word plays. Red white and blue. Black and blue. Redblack, a cryptography principle. Racial & political shorthand & derogation – Black, Red. And the blues, which do help to true stranger-to-them-me. The closing page fills it in

Page 51

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