Afternoon of a Tweet: Fantasia upon a Text by Donald Trump

This page, like some others under this heading, needs an update. What I describe below as Red Black & Blues has become Afternoon of a Tweet: Fantasia upon a Text by Donald Trump. Coming soon, new text, and new images.

I’d been chary for years about breaking into colour. Once you go there, how do you not go further & fall off a psychedelic rainbow. But one morning, don’t know why that one, maybe a new sativa night before, it was time. The Sharpies at hand constrained me some. I had 60 or 70 black in var. states of dull from prior art deeds, one red that’d seen a bit of use for goddess blood-fury, & one blue untouched.

Well, you can’t see red, & blue, in America in fall 2018, and not if you’re a living citizen have this come to mind

screen shot 2019-01-05 at 5.19.23 pm

Looks to the eye like shocking loss, tuned as that organ is to surface, but truly it sounds the rebuke team blue called for.

So I started an asemic political poem. If that sounds oxymoronic, think of the overlap. Asemy studies the threshold where signal decays into noise, or, the mind’s urgency to discern meaning in nonsense peaks. And, our discourse?

After a trial with the first word play that came to mind – “Iamother” – thinking of children taken from their parents at the border and feeling the inner severings they’re going to suffer – I went, because I wanted to face the cause of them in a more sustained combat, and to savage him, deadly serious play, to a tweet by he who shall not be named any more than I have to. One I could critique simply by unpacking asemically.

Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 8.08.41 PM

My full title: “Red Black & Blues: A Tweet by Donald Trump Unraveling.” Ambiguous reference of the adj., delib. His spectacular moral vacuity & mental collapse will be the stuff of epic comedy in the post-deluge generations that survive ours, if they do.

Things have come together oddly easily here. It’s work I can channel my anger and horror into. Also compassion I didn’t know about. When I try to summon any for DT consciously I fail badly. But I took vows, so I said I’d try, and keep trying. And what do you know, when I slow it down to one word at a time – I take him at his word. When he says please, someone in him really means “please.”

Please – cropped

When he says “understand,” something in there really asks to be understood.

understand – cropped

I’m not doing “good people on both sides” here. I only mean, or at least sense, what’s shit-stained now wasn’t always. He had a face before anyone was born.

The title’s full (too?) of word plays. “Red white and blue.” “Black and blue.” “Redblack,” a cryptography principle. Racial derogations, “red,” “black.” “The blues,” which I can lay no claim to, tho they help to true me.

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