About Art of Compost

So this is The Art of Compost and it’s a blog. Because what the world really needs is another blog. It began with my prep for a course of the same name and soon took on a life of its own at plural intersections of my reading thinking teaching writing speaking feeling looking & wondering.

Into the bin go my thoughts on & misunderstandings of

  • 20th & 21st C. poetry & poetics in North America, esp. objectivist & Black Mountain traditions – what Stephanie Burt has called The New Thing.
  • A mostly subterranean lineage connecting us to Very Old Things – busted up clay tablets, cave paintings, the intelligence of stones (sitting still).
  • Whatever collapses, rots, blends, merges, fosters, nourishes.
  • Stray thoughts on teaching, writing, reading, appearing, disappearing.

The impetus comes from Jed Rasula’s This Compost but he has neither reviewed nor approved this usage. Time for a picture of a nurse blog.


On the TED Radio Hour yesterday was a segment titled “Everything Is Connected.” Love you NPR but gotta differ. Everything connects. What I mean there is just, every object’s a subject.


4 thoughts on “About Art of Compost”

  1. GO Chris. How fast, how slow is compost? We yet have a tomato growing from last year’s pile. I wish I had more time to dig into this treasure of smoking fascination. Too much to comprehend. Oh. boundless, endless, yes! Keep it On! Oh. OH!


  2. As a writer, I am heavily indebted to the teaching showcased here. Thank you, Chris, for providing me with the tools to simplify, reduce, and prune my work until the words on the page show just the tip of an iceberg.

    This blog is like a trip down memory lane to some of the classes that have impacted me the most as a writer.


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