A compost instance

From these

Plate 24 + 24 – materialscame these

Plate 23
Plate 23
Plate 24
Plate 24

From Inanna Scient – the penultimate panels. Whole thing, as you may have heard me mention before, collaged out of junk mail.

Was wondering the other day why I’m so preoccupied with depth effects in it. And thought, might be something to do w/ how I’m approaching obliquely (as one does gorgons in a polished shield) the phantasm of machine intelligence.

Try this. The appearance of depth on the page is analogous to the appearance of intelligence in AI. It may be more or less convincing but the only actual depth the page has to offer is the thickness of its paper. A machine, though it may sail through its Turing test and appear to possess what we would like to call a mind, it’s a semblance, a contrivance. The only consciousness there is whatever consciousness inheres anyway in the matter the machine’s made from.

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4 thoughts on “A compost instance”

  1. I really love where this is going. Deeper and deeper. Curiouser and curiouser! And the AI analogy makes sense. (Speaking of which, have you seen Blade Runner 2049? I think you might like it.


    1. Thanks Steph! Yeah, I have. The movies back of this project (a long way back mind you) are probably Inception and The Matrix. Nested dreams and cascades of data coalescing into dreams. And yes, the rabbit hole, as well, down and down …


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