Stray thought on a cat

Sitting last night with my cat, who is dying of cancer, in my lap. Wondered, Am I doing this right? A voice came to say, There is no doing this right. Was such a relief.

Does that make sense? Do other people have the same overseer in them I do?

Am I being present in the right way? am I letting these last moments with her in fully? am I not clinging to her? All this stuff, just below the threshold of awareness, about living up to some ideal I’ve got, where it came from who knows. Saw it for the load of crap it was.

Wasabi, my dying scrappy streetfighter, is a good teacher. She’s not worried about dying right, she’s just dying. Slowing down, drawing inward.

There’s no doing it right, there’s just doing it.

Found her outside a sushi restaurant in a blizzard the day after Christmas, year of 2000 in Philadelphia. She’s been with me to Salt Spring Island, Salt Lake City, Bellingham WA. A whole lot of mice met their maker in her. She’s been companion comfort irritant playmate and source of many forearm scratches. When I have to let her go I’m going to bawl like a little baby.

Say a prayer – whatever that means to you – that her last weeks are easy for her?




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3 thoughts on “Stray thought on a cat”

  1. Not sure previous message went through.

    Just wanted to give my blessings to you and your cat. Know you will be there for her.

    Hope you will feel her there for you, too.



  2. Chris,
    Stop worrying. Whatever is going on between you and your cat is exactly what it needs to be. You are perfect together.


    1. Thank you Connie. Kind words; they touch me. And yeah I’m learning that faith. Spent some time sitting last night, some more staring out the window this morning, with “life is suffering, and it’s okay that it is.” Somehow that helps me to relax around the am-I-doing-it-right thing. She’s hurting, and it’s all right. She’s going to die, and it’s all right. I’m grieving, and it’s all right. There’s no mistake here, no problem to fix. Anyway, yes, your message got through. ❤


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