Student blog: Postmod

My Art of Compost students are hard at work on their blogs and I mean to post links to them as they come to life. Here’s a first. A lively deft insightful blog on postmodern art and culture, with an emphasis on pop art, and theory consonant with same. Andy Warhol, Jean Baudrillard, french yé-yé pop, The Cure. I hope Benjamin and Barthes to come. Scared yet? Good. But for real, it’s an excellent resource, Michelle’s really done, doing, her homework, and giving it away to all.

Most excitingly, to me, she’s bringing her own creative work into the mix. She’s a wonderful photographer, and the more she manipulates the images, the more she “problematizes” their “authenticity,” the more they belong.


Here’s one I stole from there to draw you on. Meant all four scare quotes yes.

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