that scamp’s still in the know

Some fine high play here with mockingbirds and finches. A reminder that for all that’s at stake morally and spiritually and politically in Lee’s so powerful novel and its latterly published and from all reports really pretty indifferent draft, her characters are ink on paper stirring forms in mind, there is no Atticus about whom to uncover shocking truths. Well that’s what I mean I don’t know if it’s what Theresa means. But her compositions here are provoking and provoked so check them out.

Tried to write a story this morning but couldn’t keep my hands off Harper Lee.

“better without me”

A friend tossed me a copy of the draf-ahem-new book ‘Watchman with a warning,
“Don’t ever read that.”

So I took it never readit read
the old one


“They buy me.”


And now I can’t stop mushing them together. 💺💺 Playing around with having them interact.


Shapely more than wordly, but just got the idea to use the same page numbers of each book. And it does turn out to be interesting to read the lines combined across.



For these it was page ripping at random, pattern on pattern.

“What are you shooting at?”

Next I’ll probably try the matching page numbers. Fun, relaxing

for my frazzle



#verse vibrated in Jean

“➖good night, Attic”

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One thought on “that scamp’s still in the know”

  1. Yes! That’s what happened.
    Initially my brain asked the what if question, “what if you took certain words from each book and mixed them into one new poem?” But I sighed and felt stale and uninspired at the very idea. I didn’t force it and started doing something else instead but then the brain said “use that happenstance stencil you see over there.” So I did

    with the idea of a shape walking off with words. More play, yes, and the idea you explained so well slowly dawned into my fingers. Thank you for posting!!

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