Privacy? What privacy?

Hey folks, coupla more student blog posts for ya, and here’s one. Angles on through round and under, as in cutting, patriarchy, by sound image erasure and general largeheartedness.

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The Personal is Political

Gloria- Patti Smith

We live in an age where, for women, everything is public. As a woman I live in a society where I am a subordinate class. Men hold a majority of the power, and as women we can either except that, or say: “Oh, hell no!”

Bury Our Friends- ‪Sleater-Kinney

This is an erasure pome from a history book. I feel like it goes with this idea, but I’m not entirely sure exactly how yet. What do you think?


The first was statues.


For every piece

of public art, at one point,

has predicted a Plaza of Memories.


The Plaza’s final attraction

was donated by

a publishers editorial fury.


It was a title against

those who thwarted.


It was necessary

as a “real estate man.”


The aura of power

decides what’s best.


One by one, all these

breaks came though,


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