Out of the mouths of nieces

By Isabel, age 10, nature poet in the key of blue.

From stoneWrites her dad (my bro): Asked if she had written a poem, Isabel answered, ‘No. It’s just words that were in my head.'”

My work as a teacher would be so straight & simple, if I could just put this at the front of the room, point, quote that, and go.

Sheeee-it, my work as a poet would be so straight & simple, if I could about forget making poems, & just put some words in my head on some pieces of nice paper.

P.S. Am I just being a foolish uncle or is it kind of exquisite how that raindrop hangs from that that more-than-line but not-yet-branch? Light as air and heavy like a pear.

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3 thoughts on “Out of the mouths of nieces”

  1. Love this! No, you are not just a doting uncle. She’s got something. There seems to be a genetic aspect to the imagery and syntax, too, don’t you think?

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    1. Oh it’s gorgeous. I love the way berryeyeys are berries and eyes too, big dripping blackberries for eyes yeah and how falling twice is almost failing and flailing maybe too wish I could write this!!

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