Student blog: Vonnegutnut

Here’s another found its footing right quick, or if not its foots, a nearby anatomical feature at the meeting of adjacent appendages – a spot commonly referred to as where the sun don’t shine, though in KV’s cult-iconic rendering, oddly redolent of an asterisk, which I know you know is named for star, which our sun is one of. Is the sun a place the sun don’t shine?

Anyway, said star is, here, home base and icon, by which I think our author may have out-gutsied Vonnegut. Too, I can imagine Vonnegut saying: You think life is bad with an asshole? Imagine life without one.

You can see I’m overcompensating for my discomposure by expatiating and Latinizing. But it’s a kickass blog, w/ word-image mashups, witty capricious hyperlinking, genuine irreverent homage to Mr. V., and real live thinking- and feeling-through of what a blog can do to keep his mischief alive. Go find it here.

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