The blog project

Cometh full circle, worm eateth tail, and blog begot of course begets a project for that course’s progeny.

My composters are set to be bloggers. Here’s their guidance.

In our third week, you’ll create a blog, and for the rest of our time together, you’ll nourish it with regular posts.

As a blog is an organic thing, growing in response to its environment, so too is this assignment. So while I’m laying out the general expectations here, some particulars are yet to come. For instance, I might a week from now, as I see how your blogs are developing, abruptly declare, Okay, all your blogs have to include videos of two non-human species interacting hilariously, and your commentary on that. Silly example. But be ready for me to add (non-capricious) requirements.

The basic requirements though are:

  • A blog that is up and running by the end of our third week – name, subject, and theme decided (these can be amended, somewhat), first page and post published.
  • At least three posts a week for the remainder of the quarter. (Some variance here is fine but no posts for two weeks and then ten posts in our last week, not fine.)
  • A serious engagement with your neighbours in the interwebs – hyperlinks, reblogs, comments, conversations.
  • A serious engagement, thereby, with our theme and substrate, compost.
  • Aesthetic care. Remember it’s a fine arts course. Choose your theme, your colour scheme, your words and phrases and image galleries, attentively, heartfully.

It will already, because it’s a blog, manifest compost in its form and method (though whether it does so less or more is in your power, and I keen you toward more.) It should too express a sense of compost in its matter – which is in every other respect up to you.

Thought experiment. How might one make blogs on these matters maximally composty?

Greek mythology
50s gender roles
climate engineering

Remember the basic gist of compost. Breakdown, blending, reformation. Any sort of mixing and melding that belongs on that arc – is likely like to compost.

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